Whales in El Doradillo beach – Puerto Madryn

The increasingly shorter days, the increasingly intense cold, do not prevent the sun from enlightening the experience of seeing from the beach the first whales that arrive at El Doradillo protected area.

Whale with his calf
Whale with his calf

After their food season in the sub-Antarctic zone and other regions with an abundance of krill, the right whales return to the great maternity and calving area of the calves. They eat tons of crustaceans per day, for months, to return to Península Valdes fat as they cannot and start the breeding and breeding cycle while fasting is installed in their daily habits.
It is a colossal experience to see them enjoy the cold waters of the Golfo Nuevo coast. Thanks to the huge layer of fat that they have under their skin, they manage to maintain the body temperature without problems. The threshold of cold/heat is very different from that of humans and any other terrestrial animal, which would not last more than an hour with luck in succumbing to so much torture, the waters become less than 46º F and they as if nothing.whale calf near el doradillo

The behavior of the dozens of whales seen from the beach is generally calm. After giving birth, the mothers teach their young to swim and go out to breathe. Whales are marine mammals and therefore have mammals to nurse their young. They also have lungs and need to get out from under the water, sticking out their nostrils to change the air element vital for subsistence. They do not have gills like fish and that is why their behavior seems familiar.El Doradillo whale watching from shore

The fish are oviparous and do not have feelings towards their offspring as mammals do, they lay the eggs and without the need to hatch they continue with their usual life. Whales, dolphins, sea lions and elephant seals, on the other hand, have an intense dedication to their children. I mean the mother, the males have absolute detachment, paternity in this marine world has no record. That is why on the coast of El Doradillo they are only mothers with their young. In fact, the males delay in arriving at the Península Valdes area. They have no trouble. They appear to copulate and take care of pregnant all the available females, which are the ones who were not mothers this year or the previous one and still go with the calf until the end of the current season in Península Valdés. The whales that stopped raising their last heir are ready to enjoy the endless sexual sessions with groups of bobbing males.El Doradillo beach whale from shore

The development of the calf embryo lasts 12 months until it is mature to be born. The female gets pregnant from Península Valdés, lives the period of feeding and returns to give birth to the same waters where the gestation occurred.

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